Thanksgiving, A Time To Listen, Be Thankful, and Give The Occasional First Class Bump

Reflecting on this past year, there is so much to be thankful for: Surviving my 9th battery change and getting ready for my 10th in 47 days!! Completing my 5th triathlon in Dewey Beach and with the aid of a new bike finished 90th/889, completed in my first Biathlon (Swim/Bike) finished 5th overall and 3rd in my age group = Still can’t believe it?? Thanking my wife and beach friends (Esp. John D. and Lisa W.) who trained with me all Summer. Thankful for my amazing family and friends who continued to support my quest to Help Find A Cure 4 dystonia and for making the 9th annual benefit a great success – Here’s looking forward to the 10th annual on December 20th. Thankful for the opportunity to coach Girls Basketball at Crestwood High School and privileged to teach some very dedicated and talented young women. I am thankful to be doing, once again, what I love to do = Coaching Basketball and Building A Program! With countless open gyms, Summer Leagues & Camp, Fall league games, 7 practices and 1 scrimmage behind us, we are making steady progress. Looking forward to getting our full squad on the court for the very first time and Ready to Compete!

Last November, I’m sitting in the doctors office room reading a book waiting to go through my annual pre-op testing, as one lady walks in then another.  They sit next to each other and without a beat the 2nd lady says to the first, “My husband just passed away”,  the first lady says, “I heard something about that in church”  then proceeds to say immediately after, “You are older than me aren’t you”.  The 2nd lady, says “No I graduated a year after you”.  The first lady (the lady with no clue who doesn’t listen) then proceeds to argue with the 2nd lady (who’s husband just died) for several minutes on who’s older.  I sat across the room eavesdropping wanting to get up and go smack the 1st lady in the head and tell her to wake up but all I could do was give her the evil eye (which she never saw). Confirming an old quote – {“Going to church doesn’t make a person holy – Just like living on a farm doesn’t make you a chicken”}   At this point I’m beside myself thinking what in God’s name is happening or WWED (What Would Enzo Do – the cool dog from, “The Art Of Racing In The Rain”.   Time passes and as I’m getting my scripts for my bloodwork and insurance stuff,  I see the 1st lady walking towards the exit (where I am standing).  It’s time for the “First Class Bump”,  as she nears the door my backpack suddenly falls, I bend over to pick it up at the same time she passes = the First Class Bump is successful, She yells, “Excuse me”  which I respond, “I am so sorry I wasn’t paying attention, I should be more observant, so sorry”  She walks out.  Not sure if that was the right thing to do but mission accomplished.

After my early morning swim, I went to Walmart to get bananas (that’s correct – I shopped for one item). Cathy hates when I do that but figure that’s all we need.  Anyway, as I’m walking to the checkout line my neck is all over the place and unable to control it and losing balance almost crashing into the pumpkin pies,  I stop and notice all the Thanksgiving decorations.  Overcome with emotions and starting to tear up (Yes, I am a wuss).  Thinking about the 5 strangers who saved my life 11 years ago (Kay Newett, Richard Flick, Courtney Fowlin, Karen Briggnola & Patti Notte)  – Just wanted to Thank them.  But also wanted to thank the driver who hit me because now dystonia has a voice for the next generations to Hopefully find a cure.  As I checked my  bananas, the women said, “Good Morning, are you okay”  of which I said, “Yes, I really love bananas”, She laughed and I laughed. Happy Thanksgiving to All and Wishing Everyone The Best!


14 responses to “Thanksgiving, A Time To Listen, Be Thankful, and Give The Occasional First Class Bump

  1. There are so many ways to react and you do it with such grace and humor. Everytime I see a blog update of yours, I have to think about what I just read. You are very mentally strong, and your positive outlook on life is so nice to see (read).

    • Thanks, trying to do my best, not look back and trying to pay it forward through writing, actions and just being true! I so appreciate you reading and taking the time to reply, means more than you can imagine. I’m on the shelf for 3 more weeks (had surgery on Monday to replace my batteries) and no swimming or working out until everything heals! Having big-time withdrawl – Love your Swimming blog!

      • Sorry so slow to respond – I’ve been out of town and taking a short break from the blog. I guess that means you’ve got a little over two more weeks to go! Hope your recovery is going well and that my blog can help you with your pool withdrawals! 🙂 Take care~

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